What I Do


To find genuine Leadership is a rare quality in today’s business world. In my own industry leaders were selected on the basis of the revenue they generated rather than on the basis of their ability to lead.

I am a successful leader managing my businesses on the basis that I develop the people who work for me to be effective in their roles with little day-to-day interference other than through clearly stated goals and objectives. I expect high performance from all my staff regardless of their position in the business and will back them 100% for the decision they make.

I make concise decisions based on the available information sharing the decision making but taking full responsibility for the decision made. I am not afraid to try to take calculated risks nor to change direction if that is what is required.

If your business needs Leadership then call me to discuss.


Running your own business allows you the freedom to explore new opportunities that come our way which we might otherwise not be able to explore. I love the opportunity that a joint venture offers taking someone’s idea/passion combined with my ability to convert that idea into a reality.

InsureWithMax.com is such an example of an idea that was conceived in 2010. Through a change in circumstance the idea was brought to me in October 2015. Working closely with the Principal, we undertook a detailed marketing exercise to test appetite for the product, created the policy wording, placed the Underwriting contract with Ironshore Europe and launched the website in March 2016.

If you have an idea that you wish to bring to the Market call me to discuss


I simply love the way that well thought through technology can transform a business. I am particularly interested in collaborative working and the way that technology can facilitate smarter more effective working across widely dispersed businesses or long distribution chains.

I am a reasonably skilled web developer in my own right having built www.questor-insurance.co.uk, designed and implemented web services that allow Questor’s products to be dynamically packaged on other websites ad being the main driver behind Orchard Administration claim system I have experience in developing and running medium sized websites.

If you are considering a substantial IT project or are looking at ways to use technology to improve your business please contact me.


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