Current Activities

Questor Insurance Services Limited

Is my regulated insurance broker providing travel related and other niche insurance products. Formed in 2007 Questor has grown every year even through the financial crash and employs 14 staff at its base in Rainham, Kent.  Questor provides outstanding customer service as well as designing its products from scratch. 

2016 will be another year of growth, a development of its brand and further investments in its infrastructure including leasing more space.  Visit Questor at

Insure With Max

Is a joint venture which brings a brand new product to the Market.  Questor provides the customer service support, Orchard handles the claims and Hempstead built the software.  I assisted the Principal with the broking and negotiations with the Underwriter as well as mentoring.  Visit

Orchard Administration Limited

Providing claim handling services Orchard Administration utilises an online platform to allow claimants to submit and monitor their claim online 24/7/365. Specifically designed for less complex products the team have a strong focus on customer service as well as ensuring that Insurers have not been overcharged.

Orchard Administration are experts in handling Car Hire Excess claims have developed relationships with all the major rental companies they know exactly how each rental company handles repairs and defleeting processes, they have also developed processes to deal with damage caused by third parties.

This team have achieved significant savings for Insurers by reducing claim payments by up to 35% of that claimed at the same time ensuring that claimants receive refunds direct from the Car Rental company.

Hempstead Systems Limited

Is an IT business born out of activities in Questor Insurance. Hempstead develops web applications that currently are insurance focused but ultimately will have a broader audience.

Hempstead has a joint venture with an MGA and its software is used to administer Travel Insurance, Roadside Assistance and Health Insurance in East and South Africa, Ireland and will be used in the Middle East in the very near future.

Hempstead built the claim platform used by Orchard Administration Limited, a major UK Insurer and a Lloyd's Broker, which it supports from offices in Rainham.


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